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e-Earth Electromagnetic Energy Fields Revolutionizing Treatment of Autism?

by Eileen Kurlander on 09/15/16

Article originally published by The Thinking Moms Revolution TMR Blog 09-14-2016. For original post click here:

e-Earth Electromagnetic Energy Fields Revolutionizing Treatment of Autism?

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Thinking Moms' Revolution

September 14, 2016

Autism Testimony eEarthEnergy.jpgAna Maria Abba, mom of son with autism age 8, Watch YouTube video testimonial.

The Russians sent out a cosmonaut for 1 hour and 41 minutes and he came back with brittle bones and depression. As much as we need air, food, water and shelter, we also need electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy can be considered the fifth essential to life that no one is talking about. Applied properly, as with e-Earth pulsating electromagnetic energy field (PEMF) devices, it can accelerate autism recovery and has the potential to revolutionize how we care for those with autism.

Fifty-five (55) years ago the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) learned that we disintegrate and die within a few hours when we leave Earth and orbit in space. The sun provides vital electromagnetic energy that is stored in Earth rock, cosmic rays bathe in our atmosphere, and energy waves supply us from the ionosphere. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy (or e-Earth Energy, as Eileen Kurlander calls it) fortifies us, sustains us, and helps us repair and grow stronger.

Technology intended to replicate the Earth’s electromagnetic energy has been produced and studied for over 40 years. Johnson Space Center’s staff studied its ability in the space station to maintain astronauts’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This technology is replicated in home devices designed to support wellness. In a 4-year long NASA study (NASA, 2003) Thomas Goodwin concluded that electromagnetic energy
that mimics the Earth’s naturally occurring energy, “can enhance the brain, body, tissue, organ and cellular processes towards greater repair, growth, and regeneration towards a stronger more vibrant state.”

e-Earth Energy can enhance the body and mind so that it repairs itself, develops, and grows to higher states of well-being.

woman-before-e-earth woman-after-e-earth

Improved circulation – Woman before and after an 8-minute session

Eileen Kurlander, owner of Natural e-Intelligence, distributor of e-Earth Energy PEMF devices and the researcher behind the 30-day e-Earth Energy study has been using this low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic energy in her wellness practice for six years. She finds the e-Earth Energy system lightweight, portable, and very easy for people to use. The system offers two delivery modes: 1) a yoga-sized mat to lie down on or sit upon, and 2) a second pillow-sized mat designed to be placed over the gut or area of discomfort. People find that use of the device is very relaxing and can produce profound beneficial results in minutes.

In Eileen’s practice, she has found the e-Earth Energy system useful in supporting underdeveloped neurological systems, people with autoimmune conditions, and people with both chronic and acute illnesses. All the members of her family have used the system with great benefit, including one on the autism spectrum. It was Eileen’s desire for recovery that prompted her to explore e-Earth Energy’s benefits for people on the spectrum and inspired her to conduct a study on its effects on four children ages 8 to 13 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), three of whom were nonverbal at the study’s start.


Child using the e-Earth Energy Wellness System

Just completed, the report, “e-Earth Energy Pulsating Electromagnetic Energy Fields (PEMF) improves Families with Children with  Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).indicates that the e-Earth Energy Wellness System offers across-the-board benefits for people with autism as demonstrated by dramatic improvements (of approximately 15 points each) in the children’s ATEC scores over a 30-day period. Be sure to check out the study’s graphs to get a quick overview of the significant improvements each child experienced.

Just completed, the study (“e-Earth Energy Pulsating Electromagnetic Energy Fields (PEMF) improves Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A Preliminary Report.”) indicates that the e-Earth Energy Wellness System offers across-the-board benefits for people with autism as demonstrated by dramatic improvements (of approximately 15 points each) in the children’s ATEC scores over a 30-day period. Be sure to check out the study’s graphs to get a quick overview of the significant improvements each child experienced.


Sample of study results in three non-verbal children with autism

At TMR we are always interested in bringing you information on therapies that can help ease the difficulties of autism and/or support recovery and wellness, and we’re delighted that this particular non-invasive treatment can have benefits for the whole family as well.

Below is a  summary of the results of the study, including parent comments from some long-time TMR friends. (Be sure you watch the video of Ana Maria at the top of the page.)

Children with ASD showed these improvements at home and school in the study:

  • Forming relationships and in new social interactions.

  • Made verbal and nonverbal communication advances.

  • Decreased repetitive sounds, increasing words and conversation.

  • School behaviors and learning improved.

  • Decreased unhappiness, increased pride.

  • Decreased aggression, frustration, and anger.

  • Improved intellectual evenness, with boosts to disabled or incomplete areas.

  • Improved physical endurance, gross- and fine-motor coordination.

  • Longer periods of attention and focus: able to enjoy a movie, learn.

  • Increased comprehension, more learning, learning to read.

  • Improved falling asleep, staying asleep, and sleeping well.

  • Greater consciousness, awareness, and presence.

  • Eating more and making better choices.

  • Improved gastrointestinal and bowel function.

Parents concluded for themselves that sessions with the e-Earth Energy System resulted in reduced pain, anxiety, and stress levels and increased energy, happiness, and patience in their children. It was easy to use, and their children liked it. In addition, the e-Earth System made it easier for them to be better parent. Over the long-term, with prices starting at $2995 for a basic package, they felt it would be one of the more affordable biomedical treatment options.

If you’d like to learn more about how the e-Earth Energy system can improve your family’s wellness, join our new Facebook group  e-Earth Energy for ASD and/or our
Zoom webinars this week by emailing info@e-Earth with the word “WEBINAR” in the subject line. Include your full name and cell or home phone number so we can provide the webinar and phone login. If you’re interested but feel it’s out of your price range, be sure to check out our financing options and suggestions for raising money.


For months, my teen with autism had stopped going to bed and sleeping as usual and was roaming during the night, waking us up at 4:30 a.m. After a week of the e-Earth Energy Wellness system, he is going to bed on time, staying asleep and having better days. Not only has he recovered, but we didn’t suffer as much having the mat to use to recover ourselves. We are all so much happier with great sleep.

                 Laureen Forman, mom of son with autism, age 13

My son now participates more with the family. He is vying for more of our attention and says, “Hey, look at me!” He seems more with it, and there’s a flow in conversation. He follows along with what other people are saying and makes comments. With his two sisters he says, “I want to play too.” He has better tolerance for play and is able to play for several minutes before getting frustrated.

                                       Nancy Kirkman, mom of son with autism, age 10

Attacks and biting have gone way down; he’s not in constant fight/flight, has better overall function, is happier, and is able to focus and learn. He also began to learn to read! Now I wake up feeling rested and feel less exhausted in the afternoon after work, even though I get up for work at 3:30 a.m. This definitely has cleared the fog and exhaustion, and I feel much better.

                                   Vanessa Surprise, mom of son with autism, age 10

“There’s a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery. Energy waves are created so relief and healing can begin – you don’t just feel better, you are better.” (The Dr. Oz Show, 11-16- 2011 Click to View)

The e-Earth Energy Wellness System manufacturer has a solid foundation and 20-year proven track record of providing superior, warrantied products. This technology is already approved for sale by the FDA, approved by Health Canada, and approved in Europe and Asia.

For more information or to place your order to begin, call 858-945-7532 or email


* GETTING STARTED PACKET                                                                                                                  ** View more scientific evidence, as well as financing and scholarship options.                *** View the full report in a pdf version here! More info at

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New 5­-Layered Approach for Dementia, Brain Lack & Alzheimer’s!

by Eileen Kurlander on 03/16/16

One simple system helps reduce the ‘battery acid’ destroying your brain, while layers ‘Miracle Grow’ to help build it.

According to leading Gerontologist, Dr. Aboo Nassar, MD, MPH, ABHM, board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Holistic Medicine, dementia, (brain lack) is a soaring problem among baby boomers. Some believe 25% of those over 45 years old have brain lack. Dr. Nassar says just 15% of those 65 years old and over have been diagnosed with dementia and over 50% of all those over 80 years old have dementia. Further, Dr. Nassar believes another 2/3 of all ‘diagnosed Alzheimer's’ patients are misdiagnosed; and actually have dementia.

Good news! The new sciences of brain neuroplasticity and neurogenesis prove external brain stimulation offers a conducive environment where white matter connections increase firing activity, grey matter brain cells repair and tissue grows improving brain lack, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Affecting your muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing, sensing, & hearing, your mental capacity & memory, emotions, speech, decision making, executive functions and self­-control.

Now with answers! It’s like ‘miracle grow’ for the brain combining a special 5-­pronged brain and body entrainment system. The e-­Earth Wellness System includes:

  1. Optical ­red­-blue-­green colors and combinations.

  2. Acoustic binaural, monaural and isochronic tone and music combinations.

  3. Advanced brain and body matching biorhythm technology with morning wakefulness, daytime

    alertness, afternoon relaxation and evening deep sleep brain and body states.

  4. Whole body stress relieving frequency combinations to reduce circulating cortisol, the battery acid

    for the brain.

  5. Increases energy, oxygenation and blood circulation to the brain and body, improving nutrient

    absorption, cellular repair, tissue growth and overall function.

For Questions, demonstrations and to purchase your own unit, contact Eileen Kurlander, Frequency Wellness Specialist and US FDA Certified Energy Medicine Device Distributor 

(858) 945­-7532



Boost Your Immune System and Shift Rogue Activity.

by Eileen Kurlander on 03/16/16

American National Cancer Institute substantiates, that with cancer, only the body can attack a cancer cell or guide it back into its regular metabolism. Studies show frequency stimulation offers a considerable 50% boost in the immune system, enhancing the body’s cell protective system.

According to Dr. Christian Thuile MD ‘s book, Principles of Magnetic Therapy, he cited scientific studies showing magnetic fields have been used most successfully in the treatment of bone tumors, leukemia, brain tumors and lymphomas.

Electromagnetic resonating frequencies do not have a direct effect on cancer, nor can they enhance the growth and spread of cancer cells or kill cancer cells.This has been observed and proven after treating osteoporosis with electromagnetic resonating frequencies, showing doubling of the production of osteoblasts (bone) and other healthy cells. While that is very important to know, it was also found the production of “oncogene” ?cells (tumors) could not respond or increase.

Every cell of the body has an innate intelligence. We cannot limit the far reaching effect of cellular intelligence, which has been critical to everything that makes the body what it is today. Cells live together, cooperate, sense each other, and constantly communicate. If a single cell becomes antisocial and goes rogue, the immune system will intervene, and if that fails, cancer may develop. Cancer is the ultimate in antisocial behavior in the body.

Dr. Gisela Kinner, MD Munich, Germany Family and Naturopathic Practitioner, specializing in biological cancer therapy says, “Alternative medicine has proven to be the most effective measure to protect the immune system. Holistic treatment methods are in no competition with conventional medicine, but instead are very supportive. This is where magnetic resonance stimulation ranks first, improving circulation, cell metabolism and oxygen utilization. Increasing oxygen supply in red and white blood cells by 50% is a major factor to interrupt the metabolism of a tumor cell.”

Examining chemotherapy side effects, Dr. Manfred Gabrys, Bad­ Soden ­Altendorf, Germany, Head of Oncology Rehabilitation Clinic comments, “A common side effect of chemotherapy or zytostatic therapy is the development of polyneuropathy, resistant to all treatments. Magnetic resonating frequency studies have proven that implementing the e­Earth Energy whole body applicator three times a day in addition with the local intensified applicator resulted in excellent improvement with 88% of these patients.

Prof. Dr.Frank Daudert, Oncologist Head and Medical Director of ProLife Therapie Zentrum, Bad Aibling, Bavaria and Innsbruck, Austria comments, “Every patient’s general life quality ­­including psychological well being, stress and pain­­ had drastically improved after implementing magnetic resonating frequencies on a regular basis.”

I hope you find the opportunity to add e­-Earth Energy for support.
“Magnetic energy, the elementary energy on which the entire life of the organism depends..” Werner Heisenberg, German Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

For questions, demonstrations and to purchase your own unit, contact Eileen Kurlander, Frequency Wellness Specialist and FDA Certified Energy Medicine Device Distributor. 

(858) 945­-7532 



Invisible EMF Energy Can Kill You and PEMF Energy Can Heal You

by Eileen Kurlander on 05/20/15

Breaking news, 190 scientists from 39 nations came together to expose wireless technology's pervasive health risk to the world and submit an appeal. On May 11, 2015, the International EMF Scientist Appeal was submitted to the United Nations, UN States and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting adoption of protective exposure guidelines for people and animals exposed to constant electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters, wi-fi, wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods and wireless technologies.

In the past, wireless health risks were arguable. However, in 2012 a University of Washington scientist in cellular and molecular engineering, Dr. Lai, reviewed 85 papers on the DNA-damaging effects of the type of (EMR) electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and found 75% of studies funded by the wireless industry or the military showed no genotoxic effects; while 80% of studies done by independent scientists showed harmful effects.

Recently, the Royal College of Physicians predicted half the Irish population will have “some form of cancer” by the year 2025 from these low frequency EMF. Horrifying to know, children are three (3) times more susceptible to cancer from radiation than adults, due to their active growing cells and their thinner, less protective skulls. Rat studies also showed ghastly tumors, generational malformations, DNA mutations and infertility.

As a Mother and full-time Frequency Wellness Specialist, specializing in EMF radiation mitigation and energy medicine support to the whole person, I am grateful scientists connected together to bring out the truth.

Many industries were aware of the risks since 1999, global insurance company, Lloyds of London denied covering the manufacturers of mobile phones against risks to users' health. Lloyds recently enacted and Swiss Re Insurance encouraged all insurance companies to include Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion 32, a General Insurance Exclusion, excluding coverage of the entire industry including health effects from wi-fi, radio frequency (towers), wireless devices and mobile phones. Leaving no recourse for people, animals or vegetation affected by long term radiation exposure from government, public, school and private environments.

This 'dirty energy' is blocking all life from receiving the good health benefits naturally provided us by Earth's fortifying electromagnetic energy field. Living in a 'radiation soup' bombarded by constant EMF exposure makes it difficult to achieve ultimate health.

Applying PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) that replicate the Earth has been shown to support health in many areas. The e-Earth Energy System oxygenates and regenerates all of your 80 trillion cells, improving functionality of the whole, causing you to detoxify and feel better. Our system also resonates your cells back to normalcy. PEMF weakens cancer cells, and strengthens healthy cells. Reminding your cells what they should be doing to repair themself, often leaves you feeling energized and whole.

Health Canada recently approved only one manufacturer of PEMF for use by its citizens, and it is the same manufacturer the FDA has already approved for use in the USA.

A study published in 2006, found melanomas treated with PEMF shrunk by 90% within two weeks of treatment. In 2011, PEMF was approved by the FDA only for recurrent brain cancer treatment, if resistant to surgery, chemo, radiation.

As a practitioner of healing energy for health and wellness for 20 years, I found PEMF devices can be quite useful in shifting cellular function to normalcy. The systems are my recommended therapies to reduce cellular stress and maintain health and protect yourself from harmful EMFs. 

Here are some of my additional tips.

Tip #1-Switch your wireless (wi-fi) in your home back to wired ethernet for all of your wi-fi devices. Or, at the very least, turn off and unplug your wireless wi-fi modem after use and before going to sleep throughout the night.

Tip #2-Keep your cell phone in as thick of a rubber casement as you can find. Get rid of the bluetooth and use an earphone with a real wire attached. Keep your phone at least 3' away from your body at night. NEVER put the phone up to your head, if at all, put it in front of your face a foot away from your neck. Get an EMF protection screen cover. Keep your cellphone on Airplane Mode as often as you can.

Tip #3- Get grounded, (aka Earthing) as prevention. Switch to leather bottom or a specialty shoe offering a grounding connection. Own a PEMF wellness mat offering grounding timed with your biorhythms, like the Chinese Organ Clock resonance system for fast and superior cell repair.

The goal is to protect your cells and energy fields, deflect harmful energy, transform or transmute the energy towards healthful resonance. It is my hope in our lifetime, we realize this goal for our future generations of plants, animals and humanity.

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