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Boost Your Immune System and Shift Rogue Activity.

by Eileen Kurlander on 03/16/16

American National Cancer Institute substantiates, that with cancer, only the body can attack a cancer cell or guide it back into its regular metabolism. Studies show frequency stimulation offers a considerable 50% boost in the immune system, enhancing the body’s cell protective system.

According to Dr. Christian Thuile MD ‘s book, Principles of Magnetic Therapy, he cited scientific studies showing magnetic fields have been used most successfully in the treatment of bone tumors, leukemia, brain tumors and lymphomas.

Electromagnetic resonating frequencies do not have a direct effect on cancer, nor can they enhance the growth and spread of cancer cells or kill cancer cells.This has been observed and proven after treating osteoporosis with electromagnetic resonating frequencies, showing doubling of the production of osteoblasts (bone) and other healthy cells. While that is very important to know, it was also found the production of “oncogene” ?cells (tumors) could not respond or increase.

Every cell of the body has an innate intelligence. We cannot limit the far reaching effect of cellular intelligence, which has been critical to everything that makes the body what it is today. Cells live together, cooperate, sense each other, and constantly communicate. If a single cell becomes antisocial and goes rogue, the immune system will intervene, and if that fails, cancer may develop. Cancer is the ultimate in antisocial behavior in the body.

Dr. Gisela Kinner, MD Munich, Germany Family and Naturopathic Practitioner, specializing in biological cancer therapy says, “Alternative medicine has proven to be the most effective measure to protect the immune system. Holistic treatment methods are in no competition with conventional medicine, but instead are very supportive. This is where magnetic resonance stimulation ranks first, improving circulation, cell metabolism and oxygen utilization. Increasing oxygen supply in red and white blood cells by 50% is a major factor to interrupt the metabolism of a tumor cell.”

Examining chemotherapy side effects, Dr. Manfred Gabrys, Bad­ Soden ­Altendorf, Germany, Head of Oncology Rehabilitation Clinic comments, “A common side effect of chemotherapy or zytostatic therapy is the development of polyneuropathy, resistant to all treatments. Magnetic resonating frequency studies have proven that implementing the e­Earth Energy whole body applicator three times a day in addition with the local intensified applicator resulted in excellent improvement with 88% of these patients.

Prof. Dr.Frank Daudert, Oncologist Head and Medical Director of ProLife Therapie Zentrum, Bad Aibling, Bavaria and Innsbruck, Austria comments, “Every patient’s general life quality ­­including psychological well being, stress and pain­­ had drastically improved after implementing magnetic resonating frequencies on a regular basis.”

I hope you find the opportunity to add e­-Earth Energy for support.
“Magnetic energy, the elementary energy on which the entire life of the organism depends..” Werner Heisenberg, German Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

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