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New 5­-Layered Approach for Dementia, Brain Lack & Alzheimer’s!

by Eileen Kurlander on 03/16/16

One simple system helps reduce the ‘battery acid’ destroying your brain, while layers ‘Miracle Grow’ to help build it.

According to leading Gerontologist, Dr. Aboo Nassar, MD, MPH, ABHM, board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Holistic Medicine, dementia, (brain lack) is a soaring problem among baby boomers. Some believe 25% of those over 45 years old have brain lack. Dr. Nassar says just 15% of those 65 years old and over have been diagnosed with dementia and over 50% of all those over 80 years old have dementia. Further, Dr. Nassar believes another 2/3 of all ‘diagnosed Alzheimer's’ patients are misdiagnosed; and actually have dementia.

Good news! The new sciences of brain neuroplasticity and neurogenesis prove external brain stimulation offers a conducive environment where white matter connections increase firing activity, grey matter brain cells repair and tissue grows improving brain lack, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Affecting your muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing, sensing, & hearing, your mental capacity & memory, emotions, speech, decision making, executive functions and self­-control.

Now with answers! It’s like ‘miracle grow’ for the brain combining a special 5-­pronged brain and body entrainment system. The e-­Earth Wellness System includes:

  1. Optical ­red­-blue-­green colors and combinations.

  2. Acoustic binaural, monaural and isochronic tone and music combinations.

  3. Advanced brain and body matching biorhythm technology with morning wakefulness, daytime

    alertness, afternoon relaxation and evening deep sleep brain and body states.

  4. Whole body stress relieving frequency combinations to reduce circulating cortisol, the battery acid

    for the brain.

  5. Increases energy, oxygenation and blood circulation to the brain and body, improving nutrient

    absorption, cellular repair, tissue growth and overall function.

For Questions, demonstrations and to purchase your own unit, contact Eileen Kurlander, Frequency Wellness Specialist and US FDA Certified Energy Medicine Device Distributor 

(858) 945­-7532



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