Funding Ideas:
Health Insurance
 Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts 
Banks & Financing 
Scholarships & Grants 
Family & Friend Donations

More Resources
You are welcome to do your own google search for
  •  Autism Therapy Scholarships
  • Equipment to Support Autism 
  • Support for any other stress related health condition you or a family member may have.

When you find sources that work out. Please let us know so we can add them to this page.
                            Thank you!
Helping Hand Program – National Autism Association

The Helping Hand Program provides families with financial assistance in getting necessary biomedical treatments, supplements and therapy services for their autistic child. Do not apply for this grant if you are seeking funds for respite care, fencing, trampolines, swingsets, trips to Disney World, etc. Your child must meet all three basic criteria to apply:

  1. Birth to age 18
  2. Reside in the United States of America.
  3. Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

All grants awarded are paid directly to the vendor or service provider to pay for tuition, supplements/medication, medical evaluation or testing, therapies, etc. The maximum amount we can award per child is a one-time grant of $1,500. 

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United Healthcare Children's Foundation

The UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to facilitating access to medical-related services that have the potential to significantly enhance either the clinical condition or the quality of life of the child and that are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan. This “support” is in the form of a medical grant to be used for medical services not covered or not completely covered by commercial health benefit plans. Medical grants are up to $5,000 and can vary in size. 

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About Us
e-Pro System
Family Study


  • Go to and apply for a Chase Bank Freedom Card
  • Personal Loan From Your Bank
  • FICO score 640 or above? Call or E-mail us  to request the online application for financing, as low as $150./month.
ACT Today! Grant Program-
 Apply Oct. 1-31 for Spectrum Success Therapy and your e=Pro or e=Tablet Wellness System.. Families are notified Dec.15, 2016 if the grant is awarded. Maximum of $5,000. 

ACT Today! is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential.

Download the Grant Application
To download the ACT Today! 
Grant Application, please click here.
ACT Today!

21600 Oxnard Street, Suite 1800
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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Doctors can write prescriptions for parents suffering with chronic pain who want to get off of or don't want to start a life of narcotics. Call us for verbiage to give to your Dr. to request our $2995. e-Tablet System. (Other insurances will be covering this for pain as well.)

Temecula based organization.

Dr. Oz Show
 "The Revolutionary Cure for PAIN"
Additional IDEAS:

Our family is creating our own family & friends donation fund.  
Collect in-person or online.  Or use Go-fund-me types of sources. (They can also use our PayPal Donate Now Link, Earmark to a Family's Named Fund).

Friends at work are putting a fundraiser together for my child's therapy. (You can also direct them to earmark the PayPal Donate Now Link)

Use your
Regular Insurance 

Are you in CHRONIC PAIN? Don't want to be drugged forever or take surgery? 
Ask your Doctor to prescribe our system.
Donate Now!

-Donate to a Family's Fund
Include Family Name, Tag for: 
An e-Earth Energy Wellness System..

Donate to We Care Spectrum Wellness Center
Donate now!

We are providing this list of resources in the hopes of making your system purchase and Spectrum Success Services more affordable
We suggest you apply to as many funding resources as possible.  
Would you please let us know how it goes, and where you find success. 

If you know of other funding resources for therapy services or equipment, would you please email us.  

Thank you!  
We Care Spectrum Wellness Center Team
We hope you find the above options helpful, we look forward to hearing from you. 

The We Care Spectrum Wellness Center Team

Payment details:
We Care Spectrum Wellness Center is your provider, Natural e-Intelligence's e-Earth Energy Systems, Eileen Kurlander, Frequency Wellness Specialist and FDA Certified Energy Medicine Device Distributor.

We accept cash, credit, check and payment from insurance companies and scholarship/grant foundations. Please make checks payable to Natural e-Intelligence/Eileen Kurlander 603 Seagaze Drive #805, Oceanside, CA 92054. 

Call us if you have questions. (858) 945-7532
Thinking Moms Revolution (TMR)
Health and Wellness Treatment Grant

Check back for more grant listings.
Joyful Journey Mom Ultimate List...
of grants and resources for families with special needs.