“PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to the geriatric. PEMF will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”

                  Dr. Linus Pauling 
                   Double Nobel Prize Winner
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Energy from the sun comes to support life on Earth, along with cosmic waves from space that fill our atmosphere plus energy waves up in the Ionosphere that all fortify our cells and support all of life. 

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Dr. Oz Episode on PEMF for Relief 
"The Revolutionary Cure For Pain!"
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Increased circulation and blood vessel expansion (vasodilation) gives you greater nutrient transport and cell function. 

Experience greater energy and vitality, greater oxygenation throughout the body, extremities and brain.
MAJOR CIRCULATION Effects in JUST 8- minutes!
Set Your Circadian Rhythms 
for Optimal Sleep and Wakefulness  
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PEMF (pulsing electromagnetic fields) have been studied for over 60 years in Germany and Russia, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

(NASA Study Thomas Goodwin, 2003) ran a 15-year long study, applying Earth’s Electromagnetic Energy (e-Earth Energy) and found, “it can enhance the brain, body, tissue, organ and cellular processes towards greater repair, growth, and regeneration towards a stronger more vibrant state.” 

Automatically delivers timed energy flow (chi) to the different organs and systems throughout the day and night on a 24-hour basis. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on this circuit of natural energy flow into the organs and meridian system.  

Delivers packets of information energy to organs and body systems causing them to remove excess or gain energy to bring them back into proper balance. Our Chi delivery supports detoxification and regeneration for better overall function. 
Enjoy specially-timed energy packets matching the natural flow of sunlight throughout the day. Experience morning wakefulness, afternoon concentration, evening relaxation and night-time sleep
e-Earth Energy Wellness System provides the thriving Earth-matching frequencies, intensities and waveforms to set your circadian rhythms for the best body-mind function
​e-Earth Energy can be used to mitigate harmful energy frequencies that change cells in your body.
All over the civilized world, we are seeing Increased stress, autism, anxiety, depression, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and cancer. 
Receiving Earth Energy gives your cells energy to detoxify, alkalize, balance and rebuild stronger to a more vibrant state.

NASA produced +10,000 papers, 1600 double-blind placebo control studies using PEMF.
Most adults have areas of discomfort. Stress and injury affects the human condition with wide areas and intensities of discomfort.  
Try e-Earth Energy for relief and support.
Electrosmog, the harmful man-made radiation from cell towers, cell phones, wifi, radio, tv, etc, can blocks us from receiving Earth's life sustaining body-mind-cell energy.
Rapidly Increases Circulation
Earth's Life Fortifying Electrical Field, e-Earth Energy
Dirty Energy (emf's) Block Our Cells From Receiving Earth Energy
Timed Energy Flow to Support Organs & Meridian Function
NASA Studies Earth-Based PEMF and Finds...
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What makes our e-Earth Energy PEMF SYSTEM Unique?
Red Blood Cells Before and After an 8-Minute e-Earth Energy Session
Customized Settings to Support  Over 300 Health Conditions
Let us take the stress off your back.  

Gain supportive settings for hundreds of pre-set conditions.
Auto-immune, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, Eczema, Allergies, Inflammation, Obesity,  Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Stress, Pain and More! 
Add our HRV (Heart Rate Variability) feedback system when using a customized pre-set and receive the right amount of energy to support you in that condition, during each session. 

An amazing customized session works with and supports over 300 settings.

Creating a clean internal terrain assists in overall function.

Function better, feel better!.
Clean up your blood and biome!